‘Smarty Art Specific’ Information and Guidance

(which form part of our Terms and Conditions).

Please read!!

Ceramic Painting

Ceramic Guidance

Please ensure you wash your hands before touching the ceramic item and do not eat whilst painting it as this can affect the glazed finish. Be sure not to apply the paint too thickly, or it can ‘split’ open the paint and we need to re-fire the item.

Time indications of when it could be ‘ready’ are a guideline only and not a given. (We can contact you once we have inspected and finished your item and it is ready for collection). It is your responsibility to pay for any items to be posted back to you if you are on a time-scale and unable to collect them from us e.g. returning home before we have time to re-fire any affected items (required for food-safety; we will give you the option of re-firing any such ornamental items to try to improve the finish).

Ceramic Problems

We always try our best to rectify any problems.

We are proud to have an extremely high rate of satisfaction and returning customers! (We uphold high standards and practice best working procedures without ‘shortcuts’. We use quality items and paint from reputable companies. Each item you paint is respected by us as unique and handled numerous times by us with extreme care).

Mostly, any issues occur during the firing process in the kiln which are outwith our control. It is a low percentage of items that are usually affected – but there are things you can do to help ensure the best glazed finish on your item.

Ceramic Postages

We pack items with numerous layers of recycled packaging product to try to ensure its safe delivery to you. Our postage breakage rates are extremely low (currently less than 0.01%!) but, unfortunately, the handling of your parcel is outwith our control and so if an item should be broken in transit, we shall contact you (or please contact us asap) and we will advise what we can try to do to rectify the situation. (We may ask for photos to be sent to clarify any damage and for insurance purposes – please take a picture of the external box before opening should you see it has suffered damage).

If you are returning items to us in the post, please ensure you re-use the packaging we sent it to you in. The ‘foam’ helps to prevent damage and surface scratches to your painted item and this should be the first thing in contact with your item and any ‘inner’ layers of protection. You are responsible for the good and secure packaging of the item(s) you are returning to us and we accept no responsibility for items that have been broken in the post due to insufficient protective packaging or not following our guidelines for returning the item in the recommended way. You are responsible for the return postage costs, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, or due to your rights by law.

We do not offer pre-printed labels. We absolutely recommend you use Royal Mail to send parcels back to us.

Should you decide to ignore our advice and choose another courier, it is your responsibility to check, pay and be liable for (a) whether their delivery service covers our area (PH26), (b) their rates for delivery and any excess charges to ‘Highlands and Islands’ (c) the required amount of insurance (d) that the items you are sending to us are not on their ‘prohibited’ list (e) any charges for failed or further delivery attempts or re-sending whereby we have not been at the premises to receive your parcel. You must inform us by pre-arrangement if you wish to use a courier service. We will not wait at the shop all day to receive your parcel! An alternative delivery address can be disclosed to the courier. It is usually a 70 mile round trip for us to collect items once they have been returned to the courier depot, therefore we reserve the right to charge you two hours of our time to make this journey, plus fuel at 45p per mile and a surcharge of £10 disruption fee to our business and re-arrangement of commitments to make this journey. (i.e. please use Royal Mail!)

Should an item be returned to us due to incorrect address details or marked as ‘gone away’, or not collected in time, you remain liable for costs of any further delivery attempts or delivery to an alternative address. We will refuse any items sent to us which have incurred a surcharge due to you paying insufficient or incorrect postage.

This list is not exhaustive.

We can also ‘split’ parcels (whereby you cover the extra postage costs). You are responsible for providing us with the correct details and that you have permission to use such names and addresses. (For example, you would like fired hand and footprint items to be sent to various family members at different UK addresses as presents). You are responsible for the sharing to us of their names and addresses and you agree to following our terms and conditions if they are unaware e.g. if you are sending surprise gifts and if there is a problem with the delivery, you must inform them of our procedures, or direct them to these terms and conditions and our contact information, in order for us to help resolve any issues. (You will remain our initial customer who has legally agreed to these terms and conditions and so responsible for any liability or costs incurred by not following our recommended procedures or terms and conditions). We will use the information only in order to provide the service, as per GDPR and our Privacy Policy. Should they contact us directly, any information provided to us will then be treated as a ‘new’ customer – e.g. records held as such for us to deal with their enquiry or processing of further instructions.

We use Royal Mail Second Class delivery for the postage of ceramics.

We can post First Class or Special Delivery at your request and expense. These should be PRE-ARRANGED with us, because we may not be able to fulfil your request at such short notice.

We currently only post within the UK. For non-ceramic items, we may use alternative couriers.

‘Mixing and Matching’ Postage and Collection - Ceramic Painting

If you live far away, you are likely to complete the whole process by post. You are responsible for any postage costs to return your items to be glazed and fired. Please see the above ‘Postage’ section for more information with regards to this service.

You may also arrange to collect your fired item from our premises, but please note we can only hold items for up to 3 weeks from the date of completed firing by us*.

*There is no guarantee for the provision of any service due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we will always do our up-most to provide a service at our earliest convenience after a disruption.

Collections and Availability of Services - Ceramic Painting

We can only hold items for collection up to 21 days from the date of completed firing by us*. In any event, we will always try our best to contact you (with the details you provided) for the safe re-uniting of your items with you! If Smarty Art ceases to exist, we will hold your items for 90 days at a different secure location (approx. 3 months) after public notification of ceasing to trade. We will use primarily use e-mail to try to contact you and then, failing a returned response, we will use any other contact method you provided to us to try to contact you. It is your responsibility to make sure you contact us within that 90 day period in order to receive your items. We reserve the right to either donate items to charity or dispose of them after that date.

*There is no guarantee for the provision of any service due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we will always do our up-most to provide a service at our earliest convenience after a disruption.

Should we sell Smarty Art, merge with another company, or any changes happen to the legal structure of the business, the new owners will then take over and be responsible for following any pre-arranged agreements between us to provide the expected service. This may include a transfer of your data to them. We will inform you before this happens, because you have the right to deletion of your data. We will follow all guidelines, GDPR and Scottish law if/when this happens.

We reserve the right to withdraw services or availability of products at any time.

(We will of course try to glaze, fire and return any items already in the process, or provide refunds if, for any reason, we are unable to complete the process).

Should you have a complaint, please contact us at… [email protected]

You can alternatively phone us on… 077 512 88 393

Or write to us at… Smarty Art, 39 High Street, Moray, PH26 3EG

Should our response not be satisfactory in the first instance, please contact us again stating your full grievance until we have satisfactorily resolved your complaint.

We will not tolerate any blatant mis-representations or defamatory comments made about Smarty Art or any of its employees, directors or owners online or publicly if you have not, in the first instance made us aware of any grievances and given us a chance to respond to them and propose a resolution to them.

You will be responsible for any costs and loss of earnings incurred by you or us, by trying to bring about procedures against Smarty Art and in a court of law, except where determined by a court of law that we have acted in negligence and/or by law we are responsible for paying any costs incurred.

Guarantees - Ceramic Painting

We provide no guarantees of the expected longevity of products because it depends on your after-care of the item. We recommend you hand wash your items with a natural or gentle washing up detergent and dry immediately after use. Prolonged exposure to water and harsh chemicals will reduce the food safe quality and lifespan of your items. Ornaments are fully wipeable, but frost damage can crack them, as with any ceramic. Exposure to moisture and/or constantly fluctuating temperatures may ‘crackle’ the surface of the glaze (e.g. an item in the bathroom). It is advised to keep the bases of your items as dry as possible to help prevent this. Items are not microwave or oven safe.

However, due to the nature of the fired items, if cared for well they should last for years, if not a lifetime.

Ceramic Painting- 'Borrow-a-Box'

‘Borrow-a-boxes’ are primarily designed for family use by our previous customers with knowledge of how the painting system ‘works’ at Smarty Art. It includes items that used to be on your tables.

They are not designed to be posted - for that, please order brushes/individual pots of paint.

There is a minimum spend of £100 of bisque (‘plain’, unpainted ceramic) to be able to use a borrow-a-box. We reserve the right to exercise discretion with regards to this.

There is limited availability and we operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

You will need to ensure you can collect and drop back the box and its contents. You will need to return the box and contents to us, or it is at your cost for any return postage incurred by failing to return it at a previously specified or agreed time.

You will be charged for damaged or non-returned items as follows. Prices are per unit.

  • ‘Really Useful Box’ £10
  • Roundel £15
  • Painted tile £10
  • Laminated instructions £1
  • Paint bottle £3
  • Brush £1.50
  • Palette £1.50
  • Brush pot £1.50
  • Water pot £2
  • Writer pens £3.50
  • Sponges £1.50
  • Sponges on sticks or stampers £1
  • Stencil £1
  • ‘Special’ pencil £2.50
  • Rubber £1

Please note quantities of items may vary and not all that are listed above may be included in your box – we retain a copy of what you have been given and you will also be given a copy of this at time of collection. It is your responsibility to count and return items in a cared-for state. Please do not use white spirit or other harsh cleaners to clean brushes or other equipment. Our decision is final with regards to missing items and the amount due to us and we will not release your fired items until you have made payment for damaged or missing items.

Boxes can be ‘pre-ordered’ by selecting and paying in full for your bisque online (£100 minimum spend on bisque). Leave ‘borrow a box’ in the comments section with your ideal collection day and time and choose the ‘collection’ option. We will contact you via your details provided if there is a problem with your order and for other arrangements that our website does not facilitate at the moment (e.g. if they have all already been allocated out, you may need to buy pots of paint instead).

Once you have bought your bisque, it will be held at the shop until you arrive. If your collection date is more than a month after you paid, we reserve the right to refuse swapping or refunding the product at time of collection because you have ‘changed your mind’. This is because we usually have demand for that item between your dates and are now left with re-stocking, re-listing and selling items that we may have discontinued from our range. For avoidance of doubt, the day you purchase it is the day of sale.

Any unpainted items cannot be returned for a refund because you ‘didn’t have time’ to paint them. This is because it is £100 minimum order to borrow the box. (Designed for multi-item or person use and takes 2 hours to clean and re-fill paints, plus 72 hour quarantine period in line with coronavirus guidance protections and legislation).

You may keep the box and contents for up to 7 days free of charge. You will be invoiced £5 a day thereafter up to a maximum value of the cost of items included as per the above charges. (i.e. treated as a ‘lost’ box to us). Late returnal does not constitute the waiving of this fee (due to loss of income for the business).

Where we haven't already allocated your box out to another family the following week, you may, keep the box into the second week if you purchase more bisque at an averaged rate of £10 of new bisque per day. e.g. initial purchase £100 bisque, free borrowing of the box for 7 days. Relatives are joining you, so you would like £30 extra items, so may keep the box for 3 days longer for free – i.e. a total of 10 days. Exceptions to this are at the managers discretion.

Should you return your box months later and wish for your items to then be fired, the original £100 paid towards your bisque will be kept as compensation towards the loss of income incurred due to a ‘non returned’ box and the inconvenience to us of having to buy new items to replace the box ‘lost’ to us. We reserve the right to charge you a further fee for then glazing and firing your item(s).

Pre-painted Ceramics

Items are unique and sold as seen. Some items now have a cracked glaze surface as they were painted over a decade ago! (We will re-fire food-safe items, or list them as ‘for ornamental purposes only’ where necessary). Many are loved ex-display items and may have hook and latch on the underside, signatures by the artist or read ‘Smarty Art’, or similar. Some may also be dated. We will always take photos of any areas of concern and list these honestly online. Please request further information or photos prior to purchase if you are unsure as to their nature or suitability. Buyer to return postage if you change your mind and will be charged in full for the item where it is returned damaged or broken, so please ensure your return postage insurance covers you for the full cost of the item. Scottish distance selling laws will apply.

Once we have confirmed your order in writing, it forms a legally binding contract. We follow Scottish law, which includes your legal rights.

Paints, Ceramics, Tools and Equipment

Please take extra caution around the air-dry bisque stain paints and any dark colours, as these may stain. Read the instructions provided and please follow them! Paints are non toxic. You can see the data sheets for them here. In an emergency, following ingestion, please phone 999 and follow their advice.

We provide good quality equipment and tools, but these may contain loose, sharp or small parts. Some parts not suitable for children under 36 months. Please exercise extreme caution with any packaging as it could propose a choking and suffocation hazard.

You are responsible for the constant supervision of your children, or those with reduced capabilities, whilst using any products or services we offer and for exercising caution where pets or other people may be in the vicinity. We cannot be held liable for any accidents, injury or damages arising from not following our instructions and guidance, or from your negligence.

We are not the manufacturers of any supplied products. We cannot be held liable for any injury or damages caused by use of the products. Should you have a complaint about a fault, an issue or a question about a product, we will do our best to resolve or answer this, but may need to give you our suppliers details, or the manufacturers details of the said item.

Some items are not suitable for under 36 months due to small parts and packaging that may present choking hazards. You are responsible for supervising your children or those with reduced capabilities for the safe and intended use and enjoyment of items.

Shards of broken ceramic can cause deep cuts. Please be extremely careful should an accident occur (treat as you would for glass).

We use high quality ceramics from reputable companies. We also ‘quality-control’ our ceramics and remove any surface blemishes before sending them to you, however, they are created using moulds and therefore can have minor surface differences and small holes or pits. (We do not sell any badly affected items). This just adds to the unique and ‘handmade’ feel of the object and does not constitute a ‘faulty’ item. Should you refuse an item as such, which would fire perfectly and be accepted by the majority of customers, we reserve the right to ask you to pay extra for postage costs to cover a new one being sent and another item, where applicable. You will receive a refund for the item once it is either (a) returned to us safely and in an unused and resaleable condition, or (b) if, at our discretion we arrange an alternative in which case the offer will be legally binding, including all of the terms and conditions here, (c) where, at our discretion, we provide a refund and tell you to keep the said item. (We will require full payment for the item should you consequently then decide to paint and return the item for firing and glazing).

In such cases, or where you have changed your mind, you will be liable for the return postage costs of the item(s) to us, except where excluded by law. Please inform us at time of ordering if you are looking for ‘only perfect’ items etc and we can send you pictures of the exact item we would send you to ensure your happiness.

We do our best to provide an accurate representation of the item you will receive via our pictures and description of items online. Please contact us if you need more specific dimensions. We cannot guarantee there are no hair-line cracks etc e.g. as a result of rough prior handling. Please follow our guidance and check your item thoroughly upon receipt and should you think you have a faulty item, please contact us as soon as possible and within 7 days of receipt of the parcel.

We reserve the right to refuse to glaze and fire any item returned to us whereby we suspect that you have used the incorrect paint, tampered with the original bisque or added any substances other than the specialist FIRED ceramic paints bought via our website. This is to prevent explosion or risk of fire in the kiln and damaging other customer's work, as well as unknown finish to your own item if we suspect you have used a different type of ceramic paint form a different supplier (which may need to be fired to different temperatures or cause damage to our kiln furniture). We know the quality of bisque, the settings, expected results and finishes, what and how everything interacts with each other! We do not offer any 'firing only' services - you must buy the items and paint via us.