Smarty Art Privacy Policy

We respect your confidentiality and never sell your data to third parties.

We may, however, need to pass some of your data on to third parties to fulfil certain requests or your order (e.g. Royal Mail or other couriers will need your address to fulfil your parcel delivery).

iZettle (owned by PayPal) provide the platform to run our website and they handle (and are responsible for) your card and payment details and processing. You will be prompted to look at their most up to date terms and privacy as required. (They also store any of the details you enter at checkout in order for us to be able to fulfil your order).

Where you contact us through other portals, you will already have signed up for their services, and be bound by their terms and conditions and privacy policies. e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, E-mail providers, Mobile providers. Please make sure you have checked your privacy settings within these platforms and change them accordingly.


iZettle are the provider of our website platform. As far as we (Smarty Art) are aware, and aside from any other cookies you have agreed to from them, only strictly functional cookies are being used in order to provide the availability of the service. This means in order to display photos and information correctly on our website and to allow you to go through a secure checkout process when you place an order. We DO NOT currently use any additional cookies, such as tracking cookies, targeted advertising cookies, ‘legitimate interest’ cookie types etc.

Should we form an e-mail list, log-in area or other such services in the future, whereby we may wish to measure traffic or website performance, we will revise and update this cookie policy, where relevant and applicable.

You may disable cookies in your browser, but some functions on the website may not work. You may delete any cookies after each session – each device is different.

Please simply phone us to order items if you do not wish to use any online services! You may pay cash (or transfer money directly to our account) to avoid using the iZettle card payment service if you do not agree with their privacy policy or terms and conditions.


We follow GDPR guidelines (EU/UK) and Scottish Law.

You have 8 rights under GDPR.

Aside from where you enter any of your personal information and details directly into iZettle, Facebook, WhatsApp etc (and whereby they are the ones responsible for the processing and retention of your data and whereby you can directly access it and update information held) for the purposes of Smarty Art, where we have access to, or can update or delete your information within the system, we can and will when you make such a request. (We may still need to retain some information to fulfil legal obligations).

The right to object, rectify, erase, be informed and data portability, automated decision making and profiling

We use your data to fulfil order requests and for the ability to reply or act on any requests or questions you ask us. We do not sell your data to third parties. We only pass your details to other companies we need to work with in order to fulfil your request (e.g. Royal Mail).

We retain data of transactions with customers and suppliers for up to 7 years, (accounting period) unless it is required longer by law.

If you would like to ask us what information we hold on you, amend, withdraw consent or to delete any data we hold on you, contact us by any of the means listed in our 'Contact' section below, or by e-mailing: [email protected] You may also contact us with any requests, concerns, questions and complaints etc. (Please note this e-mail inbox and other means may not be checked for a fortnight if we are on vacation! We will respond to your request as soon as we return).

Whereby you have previously opted in to an e-mail list and change your mind or no longer wish to receive e-mails about Smarty Art and its services, you may choose to opt out of certain types of e-mails (e.g. marketing), or completely unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link within your e-mail. You can also unsubscribe by e-mailing us at: [email protected] (We will always ask for your consent prior to signing up for any future e-mail lists we may provide as part of our service).

We will provide the information to you by the means you requested information. Please be aware we must ask for proof of ID in order to discuss details. This may include seeing your passport, driving licence and other ID - please do not be offended - we are simply ensuring we are discussing your details with the correct person – data protection!

We do not hold information with regards to ‘sensitive’ or special categories e.g. sexual orientation, race, religion etc.

The right of access

We reserve the right to charge for repetitive, excessive or manifestly unfounded requests. Aside from that, asking for other details of the way we use your data etc is free. Different timescales apply for different requests. For more information with regards to data, or if you are not happy with our resolution of a data request, please visit the Information Commissioners Office’s website (ICO).

The right to restrict processing

If you would like to contest the accuracy of the data we hold on you, we restrict processing of data until the accuracy is verified or details have been updated. If you have objected to the processing of the data, we may still need to store it, but not process it.