Regular Writer 'Pens'

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Just like the ones you used to use at our studio…after you have done all your base colours, simply fill with the FIRED ceramic paint colour of your choice to do lettering, ‘dots and spots’ and other decorations. Just be sure to PRACTISE on your palette first! (You may need to give it a gentle shake to make the paint flow to the ‘top’.

Wipe the nozzle every now and then to remove any build up. Only ONE layer required when using our ceramic paints and remember not to hold the hairdryer close – or you may end up with a dribble or a Halloween splat!

If you make a mistake, THOROUGHLY dry the paint and then you can scratch it off. Replace the pin if storing for a few days to prevent it from drying out. If it has dried in the nozzle, run warm water through – do not try to prod the dry paint with the pin – it will most likely just bend the pin! To use a different colour, thoroughly wash out any remaining paint and ensure the nozzle is also clean.

PLEASE KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! (You can stick the pin in a sponge (purchased separately) whilst you are using the writer pen, so you do not injure yourself or lose it).

One item supplied empty with nozzle on top. Pin and medium pink ‘tip’ are inside when shipped. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when assembling! Different sized nozzle ‘tips’ are available. Pins are loose when they have no paint to ‘hold’ them in – please exercise caution.

You may be able to use it with other paints, although we don’t recommend it as they will probably clog the nozzle and may render it unusable.