Bride and Groom Plaque

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Create a beautiful keep sake for the bride and groom!

Paint any colours you like to personalise. Either use your own paints, or use our FIRED ceramic paint and return (you can write a message on the back with FIRED ceramic paint in a writer pen too). Then the occasion really will be 'set in stone'!

1 plain ceramic bisque supplied.

You may wish to superglue a magnet to the reverse AFTER we have fired it, or you may also decorate a large rimmed plate or large tile with our FIRED ceramic paints and we can lie this 'plaque' on top of the plate or tile (please specify exactly where!) when firing and the two items will be 'superglued' together and then hung on a wall using a plate holder (or box photo frame for the tile) for a very personal and special keepsake. Ideas for the plate or tile include adding names and dates of marriage onto the rim of the plate, or names of all the people attending a hen party etc or well-wishers who could (or couldn't) make it to the wedding etc. You could also look up cute designs of either fingerprints or handprints and ask the (intrigued!) engaged couple to do such design on the background (leaving an 'outlined' area bare where the plaque will go) before painting the surprise above plaque and any other personalisation.