B. Red (matches No 16) with white speckle

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Speckle FIRED ceramic paint - effortless to achieve cool speckled results!!

Paint contains 'lumpy bits' that change colour in our kiln. Kiln IS required! (Goes to 1000 degrees centigrade, so, no, you can't fire them in your oven at home!)

Please note the background colour IS the colour of the paint - these aren't just speckles in a clear glaze. (e.g. if the background is blue with white speckles, the paint is blue...so if you put on top of plain yellow paint, you may get green paint with white speckles!)

Item will be food safe once fired in our kiln.

Compatible with other FIRED paints in our range. (No 1-44 or paints in the 'borrow-a-box').